Veteran’s Benefits – All Gave Some, Some Gave All

If you are a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran requiring in-home care, you may be eligible to receive the Aid and Attendance pension benefit from the Veterans’ Administration. 

Who May Qualify?

  • Veteran Status: The Veteran must have served ninety (90) consecutive days active duty with at least one (1) day during active war time.  The Veteran must also hold an “Honorable Discharge” status.
  • Widowed Spouses: A widowed spouse must have been married to the Veteran for at least one (1) year (or had children by the Veteran) at the time of their death and never remarried.  The widowed spouse must also have been living with the Veteran at the time of the Veteran’s death, unless the separation was due to medical or military reasons.
  • Financial Qualification: The Veteran or surviving spouse must meet certain financials requirements set by the Veterans Administration.  Alta Home Care can help you understand these guidelines.
  • Homebound Status: The individual’s doctor must state that the individual is in need of in home assistance due to an existing medical condition.

What Are the Benefits?

  • The Veteran’s Pension fund can cover up to 60 hours each month for care needed for a qualified U.S. Armed Forces Veteran with their spouse, or up to 50 hours each month for a Veteran who is single.  Surviving spouses can receive up to 30 hours of care each month for home care. (These guidelines may vary each year.)
  • Benefits are available for both service related and non-service related disabilities.
  • A Veteran or Veteran’s widow in receipt of service-related compensation may be able to receive an increase if they are certified as housebound and in need of personal care.
  • Once approved for the Aid & Assistance Allowance, Veterans may qualify for free medications, medical equipment, hearing aids, and incontinence supplies.

How Can Alta Home Care Help?

Alta Home Care will provide you with direction and assistance on how to apply for the Aid and Attendance Benefit. While you are completing the necessary paperwork and being assessed for eligibility, Alta Home Care can be your solution for quality in-home care.

More information is available online at  Search for “Disability Pension”.

If you think you may qualify for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit call toll free: 800-365-1110