Virtual Caregiving Technology


Alert buttons may provide a life-saving service, but by the time they work the emergency has already happened. Research shows that in 80% of cases, pendant wearers either can’t or won’t use their emergency buttons in a moment of crisis!

Using a virtual caregiving technology is a far greater safety net.  Alta is proud to partner with on a new program for virtual home safety:  Independence with Wellness.  With the help of discreet wireless sensors that disappear into the client’s living areas, virtual caregiving technology can sense small changes in routine so little problems don’t become big ones.  Some of the indicators monitored include:

  • Nighttime falls
  • Sleep patterns or sleeplessness
  • Overly sedentary lifestyles
  • Odd or erratic eating habits
  • Infrequent or excessive bathroom activity
  • Wandering
  • Medication adherence

Caregivers and family members stay informed and connected simply by receiving automated phone calls, emails, text messages, or by checking a mobile device or password-protected private webpage.  You’ll know your loved one is safe, whether they are around the corner or across the country.  And in case of emergency, your loved one’s virtual caregiving technology button is there to call for immediate help.

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Getting Started Is Simple

1. Place the miniature sensors in discreet locations in the home.  No drilling, no wires. Easy to place on doors, beds, chairs, wheelchairs, bathrooms – all wirelessly and with lasting batteries.  The virtual caregiving technology system and emergency buttons are always there if help is needed immediately.

2. Connect the system with the wireless base station which simply plugs in right out of the box.

3. Set your preferences online from a private website dashboard to stay in touch, set reminders, and track wellness.  The system is always on.  You will receive real-time alerts if something is out of the ordinary.

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Is Virtual Caregiving Right For You?

If any of the following applies to you or a loved one, you may benefit from a virtual caregiving technology system:

  • I want to stay in my own home, but I’d like the security of knowing someone’s watching out for me.
  • I want my loved one to be independent, but I worry that something might happen if I’m not in touch.
  • My loved one has special needs, but I don’t want to be constantly intruding all the time.
  • I’ve had a recent illness that requires some extra care, but I can’t afford expensive assisted living.
  • I’m getting older, but I’m still active and healthy. I don’t want the burden of always wearing a button.

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To Learn More or set up a Free Consultation about virtual caregiving, call (800) 365-1110!