Where do we Start?

For many families, home care is something completely new.  They have heard the term before but don’t really know what it means,  let alone where to start.

Follow these 4 simple steps when working with your home care agency to determine what level of care your loved one needs.  It’s actually a much easier process than people think.

Step 1: Have the necessary information ready.

Start with an honest, open conversation with your loved one about their needs.  This can be difficult, as many people believe they don’t need help yet.  Be patient, it might take a couple conversations.  Make sure your loved one is aware that home care is not meant to take away their independence.  Its purpose is to maintain as much independence as possible in the comfort of their own home.  Also, have as much information about their condition as you can so you are ready when talking to the agency representative.

Step 2: Work with the agency to fully assess the situation.

An agency representative will speak with you over the phone to better understand your loved one’s needs.  Explain everything thing to them.  The more detail, the better.  Once you feel comfortable with the agency, schedule an in home assessment at your loved ones convenience.   At Alta Home Care, there is no cost for this assessment.  An area manager will come to the home and conduct an in person evaluation.  Any and all family members can be there if you’d like.

Step 3: Customize a plan of care.

When creating a plan of care, your home care agency will use the information gathered in step 2 to determine the appropriate caregiver that will meet your loved one’s needs.   At Alta Home Care, your loved one will also be assigned a care manager from day one.  The care managers conduct in home visits and constantly update the plan of care to ensure appropriate care. (Not many agencies offer this).

Step 4: Communicate with the Agency.

Once care begins, the work does not stop on the agencies end.  Constantly communicate with the agency.  Let them know of any concerns, questions, updates, schedule changes.  That is what they are there for!  They enjoy hearing from you.  Don’t hesitate!

If you would like exceptional in home care for your loved one, contact Alta Home Care.  They will work with you to customize your loved ones care plan. Call Today!